SpyderX Photo Kit

Ensure precise color, depth and detail for all your photos from capture through post-production with the SpyderX Photo Kit – a convenient, cost-effective photo tool package that lets you make the most of your photographic images.

What’s in the SpyderX Photo Kit

SpyderX Elite

Our most accurate, fastest and easiest-to-use Spyder ever! Color calibrate your monitors in just under two minutes. SpyderX Elite seamlessly aligns with monitor upgrades for screen types, resolutions and gamuts and is 64-bit ready.

Spyder Checkr 24

Color correct your camera, and adjust different camera combinations for more consistent and accurate color in your post-production workflow in Adobe Lightroom®, Adobe Photoshop® and Hasselblad Phocus®. Includes 24 color patches and software, used to adjust camera settings such as in-camera white balance and color temperature, resulting in a more dynamic range.

Spyder Cube

This portable device lets you set your white balance, exposure, black level, brightness and RAW conversion, for crisp detail and beautiful depth. Simplifies RAW image editing by using common tools found in Adobe Photoshop® and Lightroom®. Just take a reference shot with the device under the same light conditions as your photos, adjust, save and apply to your entire series of images.

Take Advantage of Our 50th Anniversary Offer

We’re recognizing our 50th Anniversary this year, celebrating the spirit of creativity and innovation, as well as our commitment to providing the most advanced color management solutions to our customers.

SpyderX Awards

Celebrating 50 Years of Service

Founded in 1970, Datacolor has provided countless time and cost-savings solutions to color-related challenges for more than 1 million customers in over 100 countries. We’ve grown into a global company with over 420 employees and 35 agents, with operations in 25 countries. Moving forward, we remain steadfast in our dedication to new discoveries and innovative solutions in color management. Learn more about Spyder products here.