ColorReader EZ

Color often plays an essential role in photography, and the ColorReader EZ can be an invaluable tool for photographers and digital designers.

The portable, Bluetooth-enabled device lets you scan the color of any flat surface to accurately identify its closest Savage Universal background color, its top 3 paint color matches (across major paint brands) plus important color data such as CIE Lab, Hex and RGB for digital design work, including conversion to Pantone colors.

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Endless color matching possibilities with ColorReader EZ:

Savage Universal Backgrounds

ColorReader EZ helps to easily and accurately measure model wardrobes, props or other set accessories to select the best matching Savage Universal Seamless Background color for your next photo shoot. You can create your own custom color palettes, as well as find coordinating colors and color schemes you can save and share with clients, colleagues – anyone!

Digital Design

ColorReader EZ provides you with accurate color data in CIELAB, Hex and RGB for any color you measure. Converting these colors is easy. Simply open the “Color Picker,” in Photoshop, input your saved CIELAB color values, click onto “Color Libraries” and choose your Pantone library from the drop-down menu. The closest color match will be highlighted on the left.

Optimize Accuracy

Tip: Flat, smooth, single-colored surfaces will net you the most accurate color-matching results from ColorReader EZ. The device should be placed flush against the surface you’re measuring (touching it – not just aimed towards it and with at least a ¼” X ¼” measurement surface)) to ensure no surrounding light can seep in which can affect the accuracy of the color reading.

Color Coordinate Photoshoots

Jay P Morgan from The Slanted Lens demonstrates how to create monochromatic color portraits by color matching your wardrobe, backdrops, set pieces and props using the ColorReader EZ.

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Product Photography

Food stylist and photographer Vera Wohlleben shows us how she creates next-level product shots by coordinating color in her shot setup using the ColorReader EZ.

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Faster Paint Color Decisions

Finding a paint color can be overwhelming and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. ColorReader EZ helps you to scan a hue then find its top 3 paint color matches and coordinating colors instantly, perfect for any home project!

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System Requirements:

Android 6.0 or higher; or iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS version 9.3 or higher.




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