Here Are The Winners for May’s Behind the Shot Contest

We’re always so impressed by the photographic skills of those who participate in our Behind the Shot Contest. It’s truly a challenge to determine our winners, since there are so many outstanding images from which to choose. But choose we must – so we did – and now, we’re happy to share the images and stories of our Behind The Shot Contest winners for May. Invite people to join…


Germain Piveteau


The summer evening sky was very clear, and I was in search of finding the perfect scene to capture using a long exposure on my camera. After more than an hour trying to find an interesting composition, I finally found the shot I wanted to take. the time has arrived. To my great delight, the sky had suddenly taken on an orange hue, and I was able to take this shot. It took a long exposure (117 seconds) to capture this beautiful effect with sea. It was a reminder of how amazing photography is.


Prize: SPYDERX Pro



Claire Tucker


This shot was taken in London on a new development called Wood Wharf. The building is in construction but my aim was to shoot it so it looks complete – patience is something I could use more of, I suppose. Since the construction of the building was in progress, I had to find the right angles and lens length that would allow me a clean shot of its geometric form. Additionally, I had the challenge of having to dodge security officers, which always ruins a workflow.





Vincent Trenteseaux


I had wanted to do a portrait with a particular atmosphere in mind; a combination of something both nostalgic and a bit melancholy. The “old-fashioned” bulbs and my subject’s well-groomed hair and beard helped create the nostalgic feel I was looking for, and the model conveyed just the right touch of melancholy I wanted. This image was created using a “Strobist” approach, using 3 cobra flashes topped with light boxes. The installation of the bulbs, hung on a support that was over my model, was a tedious effort. Also, at each framing, it was necessary to adapt the height of each electrical wire so that the bulbs were visually balanced within the frame.





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