Here Are The Winners for June’s Behind the Shot Contest!

Photographs give us the unique opportunity to see the world through someone else’s eyes. Taking us to places we’ve never been, introducing us to people we would otherwise never know, and sharing stories that serve to inspire, inform, entertain and move us, expanding our own world in innumerable ways. Here, we’re thrilled to be able to share the Behind The Shot contest winners for June with all of you.


Dan Ussell


I took this photo at the International Rally of New Caledonia. Covering this rally for the local press, I positioned myself in a tree at the exit of a turn. When this car rounded the turn, I had just enough time to take three pictures, this one being the third shot. The driver finished the race in barrels at the base of the tree in which I was perched.  





Tim Clark


I took this shot during a dance demonstration, that was part of a public dance event, on the South Bank of London. I was 5 floors above the dancers. One of the key challenges I had was to anticipate the dance moves to capture the right moment of movement while avoiding getting the spectators in the shot. Olympus EM1,60mm.





Pawel Piskorz


One weekend, I decided to visit a lovely lake district in the UK. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t great – a lot of rain and poor light. I travelled throughout the lake area for entire day, hoping to find an interesting composition and for the weather to break, neither of which was happening. I was a 4-hour drive from home, so I decided to pull into a rest stop area for a quick nap. That’s when I saw this beautiful clear sky – I was awed by how many stars I could see! I jumped out of my car to take the shot, and saw that the rest stop was, in fact, right by the lake I had been traveling around all day!About photo. 13x vertical photos Sony a7iii with a kit lens





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