Here Are The Winners for July’s Behind the Shot Contest!

Here Are The Winners for July’s Behind the Shot Contest! Nature offers endless photographic opportunities, and this month’s photo contest winners are proof of this. Whether it’s a stunning juxtaposition of a bustling city framed by the natural elements of water and sky, the surreal beauty of a jeweled-tone firmament as background to snowcapped mountains, or a happy encounter with a local woodland creature who is anything but camera-shy, nature’s visual feast is never-ending.


Amber Loosemore


I embarked on an early morning hike in Canada, taking 3 hours to climb up Mount Sulphur Skyline. It was well worth the experience and the views that were included. As I was taking in the scenery, this little guy popped up – a Canadian ground squirrel, loving the attention, that’s for sure! I only had my iPhone 8 Plus on hand, and thought it was a great opportunity to focus on the animal in Portrait Mode, while having the surrounding mountains as the background.


Prize: Spyder Checker





This picture was taken during a business trip I was on in China. It shows the Tianjin Eye, which was taken from a bridge where dozens of other photographers, all armed with tripods, had gathered. They were packed together, shoulder to shoulder and the bridge swayed due to the sheer number of people. I used my Olympus OM-D E-M1X, and thanks to its image stabilizer and high-resolution mode, I was also able to capture the image by hand. The sky was awash in color and dramatic clouds for just a few moments and I was thrilled I could capture this scene amidst all the other photographers.


Prize: SpyderX Pro



Tracy Mccrackin


This image was taken on an arduous hike in Iceland. The harbor at sunset was simply stunning. “Sunset” in Iceland, where the sun settles slowly into a low, broad arc, offers breathtaking lighting for picture taking. It was freezing cold and damp, since it had just rained a few hours before this image was taken, and it was just at the end of winter, so the mountain caps were still covered in snow. I used my Nikon camera to create this panorama, along with my SpyderX to color calibrate these brilliant hues.


Prize: Spyder Checker



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