Using Spyder5CAPTURE PRO – The all-in-one solution for photographers


There’s so much more that you can do within your workflow. Did you know that even your camera can and should be calibrated, in addition to your monitor?

Your camera has three points that can be improved by a calibration:

  • autofocus fine tuning (with SpyderLENSCAL)
  • white point and contrast balance (with SpyderCUBE)
  • color balance (with SpyderCHECKR)

Spyder5 sensors offer up to 55% improvement in low luminance accuracy compared to older Spyder sensors. It includes double shielded filters with a higher durability, which are additionally protected by being encapsulated. To make using your Spyder as easy as possible, we created a new dynamic help assistant that explains everything about your display calibration. Color management was never this easy!

These products (Spyder5ELITE, SpyderLENSCAL, SpyderCUBE, SpyderCHECKR) come together as a product bundle in one aluminum case and will take care of your workflow quality – with perfected color and contrast balance out of your RAW files and a reliable color output on your monitor.

What you see is what you get with Spyder5CAPTURE PRO

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