SpyderX Pro or SpyderX Elite – Which One is Best for Me?


Wondering whether you should choose a SpyderX Pro or SpyderX Elite for your monitor calibration? Start by checking out the feature comparison chart below.


SpyderX Pro
Advanced Monitor Calibration
SpyderX Elite
Expert Monitor Calibration
Feature Description
Single Click & Wizard Calibration Capability Yes Yes Fast & easy calibration modes
Multiple Monitor Support Yes Yes Supports calibration of multiple displays
Ambient Light Monitoring & Profile Switching Yes Yes Can adjust for room light changes
Before and After Calibration Review Yes Yes Shows before & after comparison of display calibration
Display Mapping & Analysis Tools Basic Advanced Offers tools to check the quality of your display
Calibration Setting Choices 12 Unlimited Calibration options (combinations of gamma, white point and brightness)
Expert Console Calibration Yes All-in-one calibration control panel
Video & Cinema Calibration Targets Yes Calibration targets for motion work
Soft Proof of Print Results Yes Soft proofing with print output preview
Projector Calibration Yes Calibrates digital projectors
Display Matching in Studio Yes Defines a studio standard for all displays to be matched (StudioMatch)
Visual Fine Tuning for Side-by-side Display Match Yes Precisely tune side-by-side displays



Here are some points to consider: Both the SpyderX Pro and SpyderX Elite utilize the same superior, lens-based SpyderX sensors, intuitive software, Room Light Monitoring features and monitor performance analyses. Both models work on laptop and desktop displays. Additionally, the SpyderX Elite adds support for projectors.



The SpyderX Pro is best used for a photographic workflow where you use one monitor per computer. It can calibrate multiple displays, but the SpyderX Elite incorporates tools for the best consistency between multiple displays. SpyderX Pro includes settings for photographic calibration standards plus basic display analysis tools.



The SpyderX Elite is for photo and/or video workflows. SpyderX Elite features include the ability to match multiple displays connected to one computer or a whole studio of displays, standards for common video color spaces, gray balance calibration for smoother gradients and transitions in tone and an unlimited amount of calibration settings (gamma, white point and brightness) for finer calibration control or advanced color workflows. Additionally, SpyderX Elite has advanced display analysis tools and the ability for soft-proofing within the SpyderX Elite application. If one of these features of the SpyderX Elite applies to you, then this is the recommended SpyderX tool for your needs.


Have more questions? Feel free to reach out to us by submitting a support ticket on our Spyder support site; https://spyder-support.datacolor.com.