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How did you get your start in photography?


My first approach to photography was quite random. When I was 16, my brother was gifted a small bridge camera for his graduation, and I started playing with it and taking pictures of details here and there, around the house and in the garden. I immediately fell in love with the pictures that I managed to create. Photography quickly became my passion, and I knew I wanted to turn it into my job: few years later I started to do photography shoots, and I never stopped!


What type of photography are you shooting and what motivated you to focus on that genre?


I mainly shoot landscape and nature. I consider outdoors my second home as I’ve been so lucky to grow up next to Dolomites UNESCO, and perhaps that’s also one of the reasons why I love landscape photography so much! I try to spend as much time as possible in the woods, because this is where I find myself. I love exploring new surroundings and going on adventures with people that share the same passion as me. In my professional life, I specialized in interior design shootings, as well as architecture and promotion of the territory where I actually live.


What has been your biggest achievement or obstacle along the way?


My biggest challenge has been freelancing, as I had to leave a safe position in the firm I was working for. It definitely was not easy to get my name out there, find my clientele and develop my own unique style. I still have a lot of work to do and a lot to learn, but I I feel like I am on the right path!



Who and/or what inspires you most?


I believe that my biggest source of inspiration is nature itself: she is beautiful and powerful, very diverse and dynamic. Nature still manages to surprise me every time with its expressive power and the atmosphere she creates. Nature can unleash a wide arrange of emotions in different times of the day with its different lights: from the orange colours you can admire at sunset to the bright reds at sunrise, the warm lights of the golden hour and bright greens at midday. If you think about it, nature gifts us an open-air cinema that is always different and never trivial or boring. This is everything you can ask for as a photographer.


What is your approach? Is there anything in particular you try to achieve during a shoot (for example triggering certain feelings, etc.) or are there any specific techniques you use?


I take pictures for me, to create memories and to communicate. When I photograph something, my main goal is to embrace the emotions of that specific moment to convey them to whoever is watching that picture, even years later. With my pictures, I would like to create a collection of all those magical moments to help remember people, places, landscapes, charms and atmospheres created by nature. It is crucial for me to create a balanced image, with clean lines and harmonious in its details. I always try to create shots that are minimal in style, to help the viewer focus on what has caught my attention the most.



Why is accurate color important within your workflow?


Since photography is my job, colour is essential, and it is fundamental for my editing: for me, a picture is well accomplished when it reflects the real colours as much as possible. During my editing workflow, I use a laptop and a desktop screen, both calibrated with calibration tools such as the SpyderX, to be able to give my clients images that are faithful to reality.


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Any tips or advice for photographers just beginning their career?


I’m only at the beginning of my career, but I would say keep practising and experimenting as much as you can until you find your way, your style and your niche.

My advice would be to keep trying, never give up and just enjoy this job that I believe is one of the best you can do!


About the Author – Elisa Fedrizzi


Elisa Fedrizzi was born in 1995 in a small town in Trentino Alto Adige (Italy). She likes to introduce herself with this phrase "Creative mind since 1995". She’s extremely creative and always looking forward to the next adventure.


After completing Scientific High School, she took a U-turn and decided to study more creative subjects. She enrolled at Academy of Fine Arts in Brescia, graduating with an interior design dissertation that got the highest mark (110/110 with honours). She never looked back and took every opportunity to get to know more about all things art and design, which led her to learn more and work in different sectors: interior design, visual, urban design, web design, graphics and everything concerning art and creativity. Getting exposed to so many different fields inspired her deeply, but also helped her understand what she really wanted to specialize in: photography, graphic and interior design.


She left her place at an interior design firm in 2019 to become a freelance photographer and designer. She’s currently collaborating with architecture and design studios, both helping mainly with the interior design projects, creation of 3D render and CAD 2D, floor plans, colour and material choices, and for the photographic part with photo shooting the finished interiors (private houses and contract like hotels, restaurants, etc). This allows her to carry on the two things she loves the most at the same time.