Savannah Brown – Friends with Vision

Bio: I’m Savannah! I’m originally a SoCal girl that found herself living in and LOVING Vermont! How did that happen, you ask? Long story short, Stowe, Vermont is pretty much the cutest, quaintest, picturesque, straight-out-of-a-Hallmark-movie town, and it’s pretty tough not to love!


As much as I love Stowe, I also love to travel! I make it “home” to San Diego a few times a year but there is nothing better than getting out and seeing the world! That’s why destination photo shoots and weddings are totally my jam. When I’m not hiding behind my camera, you can find me out looking for adventures wherever I can find them. I’ve seen a volcano erupt in Ecuador and I’ve dove 140 feet down into the Blue Hole in Belize. But not all my adventures are so grandiose… I also completely dig local canoe camping with my mini tribe (my husband, son, and best dog ever Roxie Little) or going for a lazy drive on a road I’ve never been down.



I’m totally a go-with-the-flow type of gal, so I appreciate when I get to work with like-minded individuals. I believe the best images come from authentic moments, true emotions, and honest reactions. In every session I do I work with my clients to make those moments happen!


What lights me up? Getting to capture special times in people’s lives. I get to witness more love and excitement than I know what to do with, and it’s pretty amazing!



Photography Type: Portrait, wedding, commercial