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Ballet photography is a very special kind of photography.


Often, only a fraction of a second decides whether an image was captured at the right moment, which is why the dialogue and interaction between dancer and photographer is especially important.


The dynamics of movement and elegance can be captured with long dresses or scarves, but it is also important to have a flash system that has very short burn times so motion can be frozen and thus, optimally displayed.


Ballet dancers have enormous body control and endurance, so I always find working with these people to be both creative and productive.


Besides the consultation and preparation for styling that happens on site, the techniques I use for editing and processing are, of course, important to me.


To find the correct white balance I rely on the Spyder Cube and the Spyder Checkr, which I use before the actual shooting. This gives me an optimal reference and allows me to build and match my other photos on it, which makes the workflow much easier and saves a lot of time. Especially if you depend on color fastness (e.g., for collection shootings), you can’t skip this point.



This process point is also critical if you work with several camera systems. Setting an optimal reference in this way creates a ‘common denominator’ for all of your shots. That saves you from touching up all your images individually, later.


When shooting, I try to get the most from my camera and technology. For me, a good photo on site is the optimal basis for post-processing and thus for a satisfactory end result.


I don’t want to ‘create’ a great picture in the postproduction process. My aim is to take a great picture which will only be optimized later – not created.


This is what I expect from myself as a photographer and from the people and places I shoot. I have to capture the right image there, at that moment.Every picture undergoes a certain amount of post-processing, but they are never montages or composite works.


Why SpyderX Capture Pro? The new SpyderX Elite has been on the market for a few months now. I was lucky to be able to test it. Especially amazing is its speed with which you can calibrate your monitor. Compared to the previous model, it is much faster, which increases productivity in post-processing tremendously. I use this device to calibrate my screen and would call it an absolute must-have. After I calibrate my monitor, I use SpyderX Capture Pro, which includes color management equipment for the camera calibration, be it the autofocus, the color, or simply to set the white point correctly. I think SpyderX Capture Pro is an excellent package that contains a lot of what I need every day.




About the Author – Sascha Hüttenhain


Sascha Hüttenhain was born in southern North Rhine-Westphalia. It was there that he discovered a love for photography, finding inspiration and expressing his creative ideas through artistic images. He began his career working with various photographers, accompanying them in their daily work until he decided to branch out on his own. He now works as a freelance photographer with a photo studio in Frankfurt and Siegen serving both national and international clients. The mixture of technical understanding and creativity corresponds to his personal abilities and interests. His style is often described as minimalist, limited to the essentials, but in a way so nuanced as to capture every precise detail, creating images that are visually rich, yet clean and never austere. His work focus includes lifestyle, advertising, and people and fashion, both on location as well as in the studio.


"Hard edges, delicate forms - Sascha Hüttenhain loves such contrasts. The photographer prefers to place his models between structured elements in the studio or when working on location. He incorporates accessories in his images, but these accessories, like the surroundings, merely form the background against which the bodies of his models stand out like sculptures carved from light and shadow. He also attaches great importance to the model matching his idea: ‘I never take photos with just any model, because each person has a language through his body and charisma, which I want to express with my photos.’


Sascha Hüttenhain follows the rules of classical photography with his imagery: few elements are enough, nothing disturbing should distract from the models. His pictures captivate with their extreme clarity, brilliance and sharpness. They radiate an economical, cool eroticism, as the models seem unapproachable, like sculptures. As you can see here, a photographer celebrates the body as a work of art".


Instagram: @saschahuettenhain


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