Questions for Marcel Kahner

When did you start your photography?


Back in 2012, I was pretty fed up with my compact camera‘s restrictions and came to terms with the idea of finally purchasing a used DSLR. So I bought an EOS 1100D bundled with a standard lens and have evolved ever since. Currently my photographic focus is on concerts, landscapes and horses.


Is photography your hobby or your profession?


I am an enthusiast hobby photographer.


How and where was the image you entered into the competition taken? Is there a story about it?


This photo was taken at Lofoten Islands‘ most famous photo spot, the bridge near Hamnoy (Norway). On the last day before we were supposed to head home, I wanted to capture one last sunrise at this location. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate. It was a stormy, rainy day and clouds kept blocking the scene. When I arrived at the bridge, the usual crowd of photographers had already positioned themselves and I looked for my own little spot, set up my camera and chose my image composition. That being done, I started the process of waiting, protecting my camera from the rain and hoping for light. Finally, my hopes were answered: for a short moment in between two rain showers, the blanket of clouds lifted a tad and allowed for a bit of light to shine through. For a few seconds, there was actually even a rainbow right above the mountain.



Who and/or what inspires you most?


That’s difficult to answer. There is no one thing or person in particular that I am inspired by. I love experimenting and allow each scene to inspire me. If I had to name a person though, I would mention Tomasz Szatewicz (Land of Light Photography) as a source of inspiration.


What’s your photographic focus?


Concerts and landscapes. I only recently started photographing horses.


What’s your next photo project, your next challenge?


My next major photographic destination is Iceland. I also yearn to return to Scotland and the Lofoten Islands.


Do you include color management in your photographic workflow?


I calibrate my displays on a regular basis, as I want the colors in my images to be true to real life.



What do you do with your photos? Do you print them, post them on your social media accounts or your website or do they simply stay on your hard drive?


I had some of my favorite photos printed as gallery prints and hung them on different walls in my house. Other than that, I post my pictures on Facebook and/or Instagram and publish them on my website, where some of my photos can be purchased and downloaded.


What’s your photographic goal? What do you dream of?


I want to continue having fun with my photography. Everything on top of that is a plus. Of course, I am happy for every Euro I manage to earn with my photos.


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About the Author – Marcel Kahner


I was born in 1980 and live in Fürth, Germany. As an avid technology geek, I started looking into photography a few years ago. My photographic focus includes concert photography, landscape and animal imagery, and every now and then I shoot a few portraits as well.