Printing on Matte Paper

If you are familiar with printing, you know that all papers print differently. Papers are chosen for an image based on their unique characteristics. I really enjoy printing on matte papers for the feel and look they provide an image. However, matte papers are especially known for having a reduced contrast range compared to other papers. Generally, monitors have a contrast and color gamut that will exceed what can be represented in print.



Printing on matte papers can be particularly tricky. Having a custom ICC profile created by SpyderPRINT for a matte paper is important. Because of the reduced contrast range of matte paper, shadow areas of images often loose detail. A custom ICC profile will maximize your printer’s ability to print on the matte paper, or any paper for which it was created and provide you with the highest quality results.



SpyderPRINT is unique because it will allow you to adjust the contrast of the profile based for your needs. For instance, you can target and open the shadow tones to optimize their level of detail. Highlight tones can also be targeted to retail detail. You can even import a curve from Photoshop to adjust the ICC profile. The advantage of a workflow that incorporates custom tuned profiles means you won’t need to change your file unnaturally on your monitor to get the high-quality results you strive to achieve on paper.


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