Photographing Stefanie Giesinger


I had planned the shoot 3 months in advance, because Stefanie Giesinger is a super successful model and of course very busy and constantly on the go. It wasn’t that easy to get an appointment!


As shooting time was also limited, it was important for me to prepare everything as well in advance as possible.


So I got together with my team a few days earlier and we discussed styling and make-up in detail. I spent the day before the shootwith my assistant in the studio to set up the exact lighting and setting in Capture One.



Of course, on the day of the shoot I had to wait 2 hours until hair and make-up were finished – and I was finally allowed to take pictures …


Fortunately the monitor calibration with the SpyderX was ready much more quickly – in just two minutes, in fact.



Photographing Stefanie was a real pleasure.She is an incredibly beautiful person both inside and out, and I found her immediately enchanting.


About the Author – Nela König


Vita: Born in Berlin, Germany. Raised in Venezuela, Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney. Studied at Lette Verein, Berlin. Has worked as a self-employed photographer in Berlin and Los Angeles since 1999.




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