Photographer KIM JEONG DAE

Kim Jeong Dae is a professional photographer as well as educator of photography who based in South Korea. He has been teaching photo retouching, Raw file conversion, Photoshop and Color Management System to photographers and other color management related industries for about 15 years. His key audiences are mainly amateur and professional photographers.


In these days, he is spending more time on his personal projects rather than commercial work.


CEO of Look & Feel Studio.

A member of the board of Education in KPPA (Korea professional photographer’s association)
Operate a digital workflow academy and hold many personal photo exhibitions in Korea as well as other parts of the world.


Initially, he started in movie business back in 1995. But within 2 years, he changed his business to focus on photography instead. Since then, he has been involved in photography industry for more than 20 years. His passion in photography has continued to keep him in this industry for all these years.


Back in his twenties, he went into wedding photography as that was a cool thing to do. During the years, he continued to search for the real purpose of his photography journey and realizing the true meaning of photography keeps him motivated. These days, he preferred to concentrate more on his individual projects and enjoy running photo workshops for professionals and amateurs.



His photography genre is modern and contemporary art. It represents the implication and tension of our contemporary society. He often gets inspiration from natural phenomena rather than man-made things.



In terms of photo shooting technique, he shared there isn’t any special method. He still uses film camera when taking a long-exposure shot. For all other purposes, he prefers to use a digital camera to capture the moment. He constantly aims to produce images for his exhibition after the final printing.



He believed by reproducing true and accurate colors in images, it shows the sincerity of the photographer and Datacolor Spyder products have helped him to achieve that. The images are able to convey what the photographer saw and felt during a particular moment. It becomes a natural expression of the person.


He advised the young photographers to have a deep thought of their preferences and purposes in photography. If they just consider photography as a job, it can be hard for them to sustain in a long run. But if they are really passionate about photography, then why are they still hesitating?