Pavel Kaplun – Friends with Vision

Pavel, in support with Miho Birimisa, is the inspirational think tank in the photography industry. Despite over 20 years of experience, they reinvent themselves over and over again, covering creative travel photography, artworks, photo trips around the globe, video productions, and inspiring workshops for everybody. With over 90,000 subscribers on YouTube, over 36,000 on Instagram and about 50,000 on Facebook, Pavel & Miho are among the top-ranked photography and filmmaking authorities.


Perceiving more intensely, seeing things from a different point of view, creating something inspiring and enthralling that adheres to certain artistic demands and carries its very own signature and is of lasting value – this is Pavel’s and Miho’s motto.



Their photographic focus is travel photography. Since they are real gadget freaks, Pavel and Miho reinvent their technical basis over and over in line with the latest technological developments. Thus, their works remain interesting and lively even for fans from day one, since there is always something new to discover. This technological hunger comes with an unerring eye for the perfect photo and a never-ending search for new perspectives and points of view.


Pavel Kaplun used to work as a chemist in Russia, then as an explosives expert, before receiving a scholarship in art. He then became a designer for a porcelain factory and finally ended up in the area his heart has always longed for – in photography and photo editing. He loves the technical aspects as well as working with people and inspiring them. Miho Birimisa has worked with Pavel for 5 years and works in all areas of the business, including video tutorial production and conduction of workshops and photo travels.



For both Pavel and Miho it is important to draw people in and to give anyone looking at their photos the impression that they were part of it. Their countless trips to places like Japan, Zanzibar, Cuba, Texas, and European countries that are not necessarily amongst many people’s personal top 10 travel destinations, actually intrigue people and spark an interest in visiting these places. This is only one reason for them to hold photographic workshops all around the globe and to observe different countries and cultures, in order to present them in a different light through their photography.


Pavel and Miho find inspiration in their everyday life. Encounters, conversations, memories and experiences (good or bad) are reflected in their images, as they influence the way a photo is taken and the mood it conveys after they did the post-processing. No image every stays the way the camera took it in the first place. Another source of inspiration comes from movies and books, allowing them to associate and draw analogies, for example, a photo taken of a monkey turns into “Planet of the Apes“.



As Photoshop artists, accurate colors play a major role in Miho’s and Pavel’s workflow. “We refine and alienate photos, in order to intensify them and to tell a story. Thus, we change colors and add new color accents, which is a style we call “marmeladify“. The more you help yourself to different colors, the more important color accuracy and color harmony becomes. In case you don’t manage to bridge this gap, the image doesn’t seem “authentic“ and is just not harmonious anymore, meaning it will not draw the beholder in and completely fail to make an impact, both online and in print“, states Pavel Kaplun.


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