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Olivia Bossert Photography

I’m Olivia, a fashion photographer, blogger and podcaster. I grew up in Geneva, Switzerland until I was 18 years old, and then moved to the UK to study Fashion Photography at Falmouth University. I ended up staying in Cornwall, and I now split my time between Cornwall, London and Switzerland. I’m incredibly inspired by light, locations, and the subjects of my photographs. In fact, I tend to work in reverse to many fashion photographers – first finding my model, and then building my concepts around her. My work has been described as fresh, calm and romantic. I guess that is a good reflection of my nature as a person! As well as shooting for brands like Joules, Crew Clothing, Barbour and Boden, I help other aspiring fashion photographers to build a business on their own terms. I teach photographers how to pitch themselves to brands, and build a portfolio that will get them booked. I do this through a weekly podcast called “It Starts With A Click”, weekly newsletters, and a private Facebook group called “Fashion Photography with Olivia Bossert.”


The images you can see here are a collection of work that I’ve shot since the end of 2018, to mid 2019. After a few years of shooting quite romantic, ethereal work, I was feeling bored. Spending more time in London lead to me shooting in the city more, and I enjoyed the change of scene from Cornwall. I also really found my place with studio work, and ended up spending most of Winter shooting beauty using the simplest set up I could think of: a window, and a backdrop. I’ve always been about keeping things simple on set, and in my work and life in general, so these images really reflect both my work style, and my lifestyle. Now that summer is approaching, I’m being drawn outdoors again. I’m taking what I’ve worked on for the last 6 months in the city and in the studio, and applying it to natural environments. I’m excited to see where it takes me!