New York Fashion Week – Through the Lens

By Alyssa Greenberg


I am sitting at my desk staring at my iCal of the week and not sure how I survived. I am still in disbelief that I am standing after 15 shoots and 13,282 photos later.  This being my 5th or so year of shooting New York Fashion Week, one might think I am used to the crazy schedule, chaos backstage and running around like a chicken with her head cut off. However, every season I still am surprised I make it out alive – but in the best way. New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is the Olympics of my year.



I started covering NYFW when I was a senior at Syracuse University. I would take the week off of school to cover shows. I only shot 4 shows my first season and I was immediately drawn into the glamour of fashion week. After I graduated I continued to shoot fashion week and freelance. I worked as an assistant and editor, where I learned a lot about work flow in shooting, scheduling and post-production editing. Before I knew it I was getting requests from designers and publications asking me to cover unique content backstage at shows.



This season I had the honor of shooting shows for some amazing clients like Coach and Tumblr. Each client wants different coverage, so it’s nice to shoot a variety of content. From shoes during first looks at Bibhu Mohapatra for Christian Louboutin to nails backstage at Baja East for Chillhouse, this season I had to pull a lot of models aside and ask them to pose. It can be a little nerve racking to go up to a model and ask them to do something for a shot, but they are used to it and always very happy to pose. Worse case scenario they say no and you move on – this happened at Club Monaco when I asked to shoot Maggie Gyllenhaal. But the surreal ones overshadow those times, like when I got to take a portrait of Nicki Minaj before Oscar de la Renta or spending the day with Selena Gomez at the Coach store on 5th Ave.



Over the past week, I have got an influx of DM’s in Instagram asking me for advice on NYFW and I always suggest the same…be fearless. Ask that model to pose for a portrait. Push your way to the front to get the shot. Try shooting from a new perspective, whether it is on the floor or a spot from above looking down on the runway. But don’t forget to look around and appreciate the beauty that is NYFW. Take it in while you can because before you know it it’s over in a flash.



Alyssa Greenberg is a freelance photographer based in NYC. Her work consists of reportage, fashion and lifestyle. She began her career as a team photographer for The Boston Celtics, but quickly realized her passion lied with fashion photography as she covered New York Fashion Week. She shoots for clients such as PUMA, David Yurman, BRIDES Magazine, Coach and Estée Lauder.  You can view more of her work at or on her Instagram @smallgirlbiglens.