Neeta Shankar – Friends with Vision

A tale weaved in vibrant colors and pictures remain with the human mind – it being visual by design. After a brief stint as an R&D engineer at a reputed Product Development Company, towards the end of 2012, Neeta decided she had to make this vision a reality. Thus, Neeta Shankar Photography was born, a candid wedding photography and portfolio venture. Built on the tenets of uncompromising quality and commitment that Neeta honed in herself as an IT professional for 5 years, it has established itself as the one stop solution for Wedding Photography and Cinematography. Today, her IT education augments her photography but it is photography that gives her creative expression; enabling her to weave timeless memories out of real moments.


Apart from being a talented photographer, an Entrepreneur, Creative Director, and a Mentor and Inspiration for aspiring photographers, Neeta is also a Social Media Influencer with a staggering following of more than half a million people across her social networks.


Neeta is an avid traveller, loves reading and enjoys long drives. She also loves teaching and conducts workshops and Photo-tours across India.


1. How did you get started in photography?


It is a classic tale of curiosity leading to genuine interest and a cherished profession. When I picked up the camera in 2010 to document some of my travel, I never thought I would take up photography full time. Photography intrigued me right from the beginning and in a couple of years, I decided to take this up as a profession.


During my initial days as a landscape photographer, I realized shooting portrait of people and moments appealed to me more and that is when I decided to move into wedding photography.


2. What type of photography are you shooting and what motivated you to focus on that genre?


I shoot Weddings and Lifestyle. Indian Weddings are rich, colorful and abundant in emotions and moments and as a photographer, I cannot ask for more. I strive to create timeless memories for my clients which are candid, emotional, offbeat and fun.



3. Who and / or what inspire you most?


As photographers, we are creating heirlooms for our clients. Something they will look through for generations to come. The power to capture authentic emotions and create memories for someone is wonderful and is something that keeps us inspired and going.


The rush people get when they do what they love is the same rush we get while documenting a wedding day. Connections that we get to capture and the connections we make during the shoots also keeping us inspired.


4. What are the important factors to produce consistent professional quality work for your clients?


  • Careful Planning
  • Continued focus on improving skills
  • Following pre-defined process for post-production workflow
  • Constant re-evaluation of the work.



5. How did you come across color management and how it has helped you to produce high quality work?


I came across color management around 5 years ago when I started printing out photo books for clients. I realized how important it was to maintain consistent colors across screens and different media to get the best print quality. My style of photography is vibrant and colorful and color management has helped me represent it accurately on print.

6. What are the benefits of accurate color reproduction and how are you using Datacolor products within your workflow?


Accurate color reproduction has ensured consistency in our work and it has ensured that our style is preserved perfectly in prints. We have multiple screens in our office and we have been using Sypder-4 and now Spyder-5 to calibrate all the screens regularly.


We as a team sometimes work on a single project across different machines and screens and getting the colors right and consistent is one of the most important aspects in such scenario. Color management or ensuring all the screens are calibrated perfectly helps us take care of this.


7. Any tips or advice for photographers just beginning their career?


  • Explore different genres and find the ones that you love early on. It helps you concentrate and deep dive into them.
  • Photography is lot of hard work. Like any other field, you put in the time to reap the benefits later. There is no overnight success and it takes dedication, skill and hard work together to achieve success.
  • Focus on learning and improving your skills every day. Never stop learning.
  • Invest smart and in the right tools of trade to make your workflow easy.


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