My work during the COVID-19 pandemic

As a concert photographer, I tour worldwide with acts like AC/DC, Rammstein, Genesis and many more, so concerts and tours are an important source of income for me. That means that Covid-19 has had a devastating impact on my core business and income. Also, my work as a lead photographer for what is probably the world’s most successful make-over show “Princess for One Day” has come to a standstill due to travel restrictions, as required by law.



Although most of this year’s workshops have been cancelled and it seems unlikely that there will be international concerts held again this year, I have built upon my success from my extensive business lecture tour to include 1:1 coaching sessions to share my 40+ years of experience with young talents. My ambitious goal is to increase last year’s sales by 25% in the next 12 months, despite Covid. This growth target is set for each of the next three years.



Fortunately, a large part of my business model includes licensing my images worldwide and I’ve been able to expand this part of my business during the pandemic – a good thing since it’s been a fairly quiet time job-wise, on many levels. Since my workshops were cancelled, I had a little more time to focus on new topics and resume my goal of building a new, unprecedented photo portal with other photographers (after my stroke last year I had to withdraw from this project).


I’ve been exploring new techniques in post-production and working on completely new photographic subjects – such as food photography – which I had never had the chance to pursue before.



My advice to other photographers in these difficult times is to keep your heads up high! It is a hard time for everyone and there is no doubt that challenging times still lie ahead. Keep believing in your work and continue to create images that make you happy! Use this time to think about your art and maybe catch up on post-production projects. These times can also be perfect for editing some old pictures. I also recommend spending some of this time learning something new, whether it be photographic techniques or business matters. Let’s try to focus on the positive and not just the negative aspects of this pandemic. We are going to make it through!


About the Author – Guido Karp


Guido Karp, born in Germany in1963, is one of the most successful music and concert photographers worldwide. He and his wife Nicole reside and work together in Los Angeles, California. He has photographed more than 5000 concerts and more than 1000 LP/CD/ DVD covers for Robbie Williams, Michael Jackson, AC/DC, Rolling Stones, Tina Turner, Rammstein, Genesis, and many more artists.


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