Meet Annabelle Chavez – Travel & Portrait Photographer

HeadshotHow did you get your start in photography?

I discovered photography late in my life by accident when I broke my wrist due to dancing. My Doctor is a serious photographer, when I asked him if he can recommend a small cam that I can bring to Turkey for our vacation, he recommended the Sony RX100 , I was so happy to see how beautiful my photos, that one week before I left , I bought the Nikon D7000 without any knowledge how to use it. So, for 21 days I was using just one settings, this was more than 4 years ago and the rest was history.


What type of photography are you shooting and what motivated you to focus on that genre?

I love to be with Nature so naturally I like to do landscape and sometimes if I don’t have time to travel far, I like to take portraits and capture those emotions. But lately, I like to do environmental portraits and shoot real people in their environment.



Did you experience any challenges as a woman entering into the photography market?

Anybody can do photography,  If you love what you are doing , you don’t feel the challenges , the only challenges maybe is the physical part , where a man can climb a mountain, face the strong waves etc. . Since there less women who are in this hobby, I just feel that the men take care of women more when we shoot.



What has been your biggest achievement or obstacle along the way?

The biggest achievement so far is being able to receive recognitions from the oldest camera club of Asia, the Camera Club of the Phils. and from Pinoy Photography Club Org. The obstacle is not being able to join my other friends to shoot out of the country.


Who and/or what inspires you most?

Aside from my family and friends who are my biggest supporter, I am inspired by the works of my fellow photographers locally and internationally who are good in their genre and most of all I am most inspired when I am with nature.



What is your approach? Is there anything in particular you try to achieve during a shoot (for example triggering certain feelings, etc.) or are there any specific techniques you use?

I usually want to shoot where the water and the sun is, I love to shoot people and include their environment, since I am more focus on my composition that one of the technique I use most of the time even if I shoot handheld is to attached the GND in my lens to make sure my sky is not over exposed.


Why is accurate color important within your workflow?

It is very important to me that colors in my screen is almost the same as how I saw it, it gives a different emotion and story just a little change of color.



Any tips or advice for photographers just beginning their career?

First you have to have that passion of your hobby, learn and see the works your fellow photographers, read on how to improve your skill and just shoot and shoot and never stop learning.


Instagram: anncchavez

Facebook: Annabelle Casino Chavez