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We received many impressive photos from dedicated photographers for our Datacolor photo contest about travel and landscape photography that took place in Germany during summer 2017. Our jury had a hard time selecting the five winning images, as so many photos would have deserved to be awarded. In order to savor these wonderful images, we will present some of these pictures in our blog from time to time, introduce you to the photographer and tell the story behind the image.



Markus Weichselbaumer
Full-time employee, Markus, is a musician and artist at heart, trying to work on the perfect fit between photography and his family. He focuses on landscape photography as well as photo editing in Photoshop or Lightroom.
When did you start your photography?
About 4 years ago, inspired by the awesome photos you see on Facebook. I wanted to be able to take photos at that level.
Is photography your hobby or your profession?
It’s just a hobby.
How and where was the image taken which you entered to the competition? Is there a story about it?
In July, we were on a family holiday in Croatia and the photo shows one of my daughters. Another daughter came up with the idea for this project. I picked up the underwater bag which I had just purchased and we went to the beach. These photos were taken just above water level.
Who and/or what inspires you most?
What’s your photographic focus?
Landscape photography.
What’s your next photo project, your next challenge?
Currently, I don’t have any plans. I typically put ideas into practice straight away and I am quite spontaneous about it.
Do you include color management in your photographic workflow?
Unfortunately not enough, since I don’t have enough knowledge about it and at the same time don’t have enough time to sacrifice for this topic.
What do you do with your photos? Do you print them, post them on your social media accounts or your website, or do they simply stay on your hard drive?
I pretty much only publish them on social networks.
What’s your photographic goal, what do you dream of?
I don’t have any photographic goals.
Instagram: weixi_private