Mark Mawson – Liquid Photography

Personal Bio:
Mark had a camera in his hands from the early age of 8 years old. He became fascinated by the movement of the camera’s mechanism and he played around with lights noticing how light and shadows changed the appearance of an object. By the time he was in his early teens, he had decided that he was to be a photographer and was interested in a career in photojournalism.


After finishing school, he studied photojournalism and then worked for several national newspapers in London covering news and sports assignments. After a few years in newspapers he decided he needed a different challenge and moved over to shooting fashion and celebrity portraiture for magazines and advertising agencies. During this time Mark travelled extensively around the world shooting fashion stories and working with Hollywood celebrities and photographed several members of the British Royal family!


In 2004, Mark had an idea to shoot some liquid images of paints in water using high speed photography, his first test shoot worked very well and his ‘Aqueous’ series was born. Since then, Mark has developed the idea and has produced several ‘Aqueous’ series which have become collectable pieces of art. He now specializes in shooting liquids and underwater fashion.


In 2012 a video piece of Mark’s was projected onto the walls of Buckingham Palace as the backdrop to The Queen’s diamond jubilee celebrations.





2018 Futurum Award Winner
2017 The Association of Photographer’s Awards Winner
2017 11th Annual International Color Awards, Winner
2017 OneEyeland Awards, Bronze
2016 Communication Arts Photography Award Winner
2016 The Association of Photographer’s Awards Finalist
2016 OneEyeland Photography Awards Finalist
2014 International Photography Awards – 2nd Place
2012 The London Awards – Shortlisted
2011 Dabomba Creative Awards – Gold
2010 Dabomba Creative Awards – Platinum & Gold


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Instagram: @markmawson

YouTube: Mark Mawson