Lorenz Andreas – Friends with Vision/Datacolor Expert

Personal Bio: Lorenz Andreas Fischer is a freelance photographer, focusing on nature, outdoor, wildlife and landscape photography. He finds his inspiration in the wild and unspoilt nature. To create powerful images, he often uses reduction as a stylistic expression form. He also enjoys experimenting with extreme lighting moods, such as artificial light and flash merge with smearing techniques and blur.


His images can be seen in exhibitions, coffee table books, and various multimedia productions. He works on projects for companies, institutions, magazines and publishing houses. As a Nikon Ambassador and a member of the Swiss Federation of Professional Photographers (SBF), Lorenz’s photos have regularly been awarded, such as Wildlife Photographer of the Year or Best European Wildlife Photographer 2006.





Lorenz Andreas Fischer organizes exclusive photographic trips to Africa, Brazil and within Europe. He also offers private or group seminars around the photography topics landscape, animal, travel, and flash photography.

Companies, institutions and individuals order his images and design concepts for their living rooms or office spaces.


“Color and print profiles play an important role in my day-to-day work. I want to print my customers’ fine art prints or images for my exhibitions exactly the way I see them on my display. To me, retouching images only makes sense on a precisely calibrated display. Datacolor provides the important tools that are easy to use.”


Photography Type:  Nature, outdoor, wildlife and landscape, travel  photography, photo seminars , fine art prints



Email contact: laf@lorenzfischer.photo

Facebook: Lorenz Fischer Photography

Instagram: @lorenzfischer.photo

Website: www.lorenzfischer.photo