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Short biography of selected participants of the Datacolor Photo Contest, summer 2017. Kay Reichelt is a self-employed commercial artist and photographer who loves traveling the world in a go-with-the-flow type travel style.


We received many impressive photos from dedicated photographers for our Datacolor photo contest about travel and landscape photography that took place in Germany during summer 2017. Our jury had a hard time selecting the five winning images, as so many photos would have deserved to be awarded. In order to savor these wonderful images, we will present some of these pictures in our blog from time to time, introduce you to the photographer and tell the story behind the image.


Kay Reichelt
Born in Dresden 1974, married, self-employed as a commercial artist and photographer

When did you start your photography?
I seriously started dedicating time to photography in 1999, the reason being a 3-months backpacking trip around Australia. With only one exception, my honeymoon, I have spent my holidays in a very go-with-the-flow type of travel style, which leaves me with a lot of time to photograph.
Is photography your hobby or your profession?
Both actually. It started as a hobby and after a while friends started asking if I could take photos for them, then friends of friends showed up and – as it happens with most people / photographers – in the end you receive jobs from people you have never seen before. Today, photography has become my second business. In 2016, I opened my own studio in a 700 year old basement in Stolpen, a fortress town in Germany.
How and where what the image taken which you entered to the competition? Is there a story about it?
I suppose the photo speaks for itself (as does the title), making it pretty clear that it was taken in Venice. The lagoon city is one of my favorite destinations in Europe. When taking photos in Venice, one needs to be patient and have a lot of time on hand. Never show up without a tripod and take your time to achieve an image with as few people as possible (just as your image composition requires). I recommend looking for a good shot during daytime in order to be at the ready as soon as the sun sets. Fine-tuning is done in Photoshop. In order to optimize the image, I added a lens flare to the actual sun.



Who and/or what inspires you most?
The world and foreign cultures. I have never taken more photographs than on a 4 weeks long trip through India. Asia and South East Asia have been one of my most inspiring experiences. There is no professional photographer I follow and use as a source of inspiration as such.
What’s your photographic focus?

My professional focus: wedding and event photography

My private focus: the world

What’s your next photo project, your next challenge?
Cuba or Myanmar
Do you include color management in you photographic workflow?
Color Management is pretty important to me. All my displays are calibrated with a Spyder.
What do you do with your photos, do you print them, post them on your social media accounts or your website or do they simply stay on your hard drive?
Just a few of my travel impressions are available online (but I am working on getting more of my photos online). I also plan on launching an optimized online shop (www.worldspirit.eu) and of course, some of my photos end up on Facebook every now and then…
What’s your photographic goal, what do you dream of?
There are hundreds or even thousands of beautiful photos from different countries all around the world sitting on my server. If one day they were to be printed in a book, that would definitely make my heart beat faster…
Website: www.reichelt-design.de
Facebook: reicheltdesign