Kalle Lundholm – Friends with Vision/Datacolor Expert

Personal Bio:
I was born and raised on the west coast of Sweden and have always enjoyed being close to the water and I think that’s where my passion for photographing in and under the water is coming from. I spend a lot of my time travelling, because discovering new places gives me new energy. It also boosts my creativity. I see myself as an editorial, travel and lifestyle photographer that is always on the move, with one foot on land and the other in the sea. My goal is to capture moments that inspire people. Photography also goes hand-in-hand with my profession as a Photo Retoucher. Being able to work with the things I’m passionate about is important for me, as it really makes me happy. Currently I work as a freelance photo retoucher and to see my work there visit lundholmretouching.com


Photography Type: Ocean, Surf, Lifestyle & Travel



Email contact: karl.lundholm@gmail.com

Facebook: karl.lundholm

Instagram: @kalle.lundholm

Website: www.kallelundholm.com