Kai Schwabe – Food Photography

For more than 20 years, Kai Schwabe has specialized in the genre of food photography. He claims that with his photography, he plays with the senses and creates delicious photographs for well-known companies in the food industry. In fact, if you look at his pictures, the imagination plays a joke on you and you can almost smell the pizza or the coffee. You inevitably get an appetite.


His works include recipe taking and recipe development, food stills, beverage photography, food films, packaging and other advertising materials. Just take a look in your own fridge or freezer to find out that Kai Schwabe is not missing in any kitchen.



In order to play in this league he has assembled over time a well-versed team of food stylists and other professionals to meet his demands for sophisticated craftsmanship with artistic aesthetics and current trends. A 470 m² daylight studio provides him with the necessary space and his photographic equipment is state-of-the-art. For example, he can take pictures of up to 100 megapixels and use the comprehensive artificial light and film light equipment to put every delicacy into the right light, including razor-sharp effects and pleasurable slow motions. Of course, color management is mandatory and he uses the Spyder5 from Datacolor. We are not just talking about color here, but in the final consequences about feelings that you want to arouse. There are no compromises.


What particularly impresses and underlines his professional claim is the equipment “around it”. So is a show kitchen in the studio as well as a frozen food logistics and of course everything that you need to props for food shootings. According to own data far more than 50,000 props.



Food photography is an exciting genre that is subject to the constant change of time. In the past everything was photographed cleanly, today the usual look is more natural and lived, where crumbs and small “mistakes” do not disturb, but rather deliberately be used as stylistic devices.


The only question is, if a food photographer can go to a good restaurant, without complaining to the arrangement of the meal he gets served. This is most likely the flipside of the medal.



Connect with Kai Schwabe
Website: https://www.kaischwabe.com
Email: info@kaischwabe.de
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/kaischwabe/
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