Kirk Norbury – Friends with Vision

Bio: My name is Kirk Norbury and I’m an English landscape & time-lapse photographer based in Ayrshire, Scotland. Growing up on a farm enabled me to get close to working animals and local wildlife and being outside is where I felt most at home. While in college where I was studying graphic design I then began to get interested in photography and it was there that I was able to combine my two passions; nature & photography. Since then I have been travelling across the UK & Europe photographing all aspects of nature with my camera.




Aurora Borealis Over Vestrahorn – Iceland


Vestrahorn is a stunning mountain range found in the east of Iceland. I had photographed there during the day but it wasn’t until it went dark that the show really began. The Aurora Borealis was very strong that night as it danced across the sky and due to the mountain and aurora taking up so much of the landscape I had to create a 5 image panorama with my 14mm lens to get everything in.

Gear: Nikon D800, Samyang 14mm lens



Ice Beach – Iceland


Iceland is known for its incredible beaches, this one is probably the most famous due to all the ice that gathers on beach which has been brought in by the tide from the Jokulsarlon lagoon. It was actually raining when I took this shot but luckily the sunlight found its way through a crack in the clouds.

Gear: Nikon D800, Samyang 14mm




Bow Fiddle Rock – Scotland


Found along the Moray coastline Bow Fiddle Rock is one of my favorite coastal locations to visit. I was setup before the sun appeared and using a 10-stop ND filter I was able to get some long exposures to capture the colors in the sky but also smooth out the water for a more clean image.

Gear: Nikon D800, Tamron 24-70mm


Loch Lomond – Scotland


Found along the shores of Loch Lomond you’ll find a lonely tree that sits in the water. Usually you can see the beautiful Scottish hills behind the tree but on this day a snow storm came in to point you could only see for around 50 yards. Using an ND filter I was able to take a long exposure to smooth out the water.

Gear: Sony A7R, Sony 28-70mm




Northton Marsh – Isle of Harris, Scotland


The Outer Hebrides of Scotland are full of beautiful landscapes that cannot be found anywhere else. This small marsh on the Isle of Harris made for an amazing location to show the hill known as Toe Head but what brought the shot really together was the amazing S curve formed on the marsh.

Gear: Nikon D800, Nikon 24-120mm


Waterfall – Iceland


This hidden waterfall found in Iceland was very difficult to get to, it involved walking through a small river and once through the cavern the landscape opens up revealing this amazing waterfall that I just had to stand-in for the photo.

Gear: Nikon D800, Samyang 14mm