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Evander Holyfield – Behind the Shot



This is one of my favorite portraits and also one of the most technical shots I have taken in my career. The set was built on glass tiles, which created a cool effect but also was very difficult in keeping unwanted reflections from the shot. We also had nine flash heads firing, and each one was filtered through colored filters. Evander himself was lit with lavender gels. A fog machine was also used for the cloud effects behind Evander. The SpyderX was very instrumental in making sure we were making accurate adjustments.


Not Pictured:
• A set built on glass tiles
• 9 flash heads
• A fog machine
• < 2 minutes to calibrate your monitor



A lucky break – Behind the Shot



Sometimes the best things in life happen by accident. It really is at the intersection of preparation meeting opportunity. This is one of those shots. I was shooting concepts for a campaign for Dylan’s Candy. One of the boys was playing with the oversized lollipop, just as the lollipop got stuck on his shirt and as he yanked it away, it cracked in half. That was the lucky shot! Since we were using various vibrant color filters to evoke energy, the SpyderX allowed us to review the lollipop color accurately with the team. The final shots were used on a cover and for advertisement.


Not Pictured:
• An energetic little boy
• Lots of candy
• Vibrant color filters
• <2 minutes to calibrate your monitor



Chelsea in Gold – Behind the Shot



This shot is all about the perfect skin glow. It was used as a national advertorial campaign. The shot was created in-studio with multiple LEDs and continuous lighting. Since shutter speeds are usually low, in this case 1/30th of a second, it can create a conflict with ambient and incandescent lighting. For this reason, we shot in a low-light set, and with the quick calibration setup of the SpyderX, we were able to see the color accuracy and any nuances of lighting live on the set.


Not Pictured:
• Low lighting
• High pressure for a national campaign
• <2 minutes to calibrate your monitor


Eddie Griffin


Mario Lopez



Silver Slick


Perfect Your Vision



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  About the Author – Hernan Rodriguez  

Hernan Rodriguez is an International Award-winning professional photographer specializing in commercial photography and portraiture. His unique style is a fusion between art & photography which earned him 25 awards in photography, including the much coveted Black & White Spider award for photographic excellence in fashion photography. Most recent are three Bronze Awards, in the 2012 Aperture Awards for portrait and illustration. His outgoing personality and fresh approach to imagery has allowed Hernan to work with such notable clients such as Guess clothing, Playboy Beverage, Corona, EMI, Sony Record label, and numerous celebrities.


When all is said and done, what passion drives Hernan? He states, “I once was told in eighth grade, if you ever have a career you would do for free, you know you have reached the right place. I am passionate about touching people’s lives.”


Photography Type: Commercial Portrait Photographer – Specializing in Celebrity Portraiture


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