Wedding Photography from the Heart with Alex Ruelo

By Cynthia David

Who doesn’t love weddings? Every couple wants to have the perfect day and the memories that go with that special day. Wedding photography has grown and has evolved from being shot inside a studio before or after the wedding; to shooting couples before, during and after the wedding outside of the studio along with wedding albums and thank you cards.



Taking photos of couples that are normally under a lot of stress takes a lot of patience and creativity. Most wedding photographers do well in portrait and the usual approach as of late would be something between Traditional and Photojournalistic with a touch of the fashion-based approach, where the outcome aims to look like a fashion editorial. The approach depends on the couple’s requirements and the photographer’s technique. Wedding photographer Alex Ruelo who has been working with couples is often asked, “why did you choose to focus on wedding photography?” The simple answer from him would be “it squeezes the creative juices out of me and it gives me more freedom to innovate.”



Alex got into the industry at a time when the wedding photography greats have already been established in the country. It was not easy to break into the wedding circle but with hard work and perseverance, people started noticing his work and offers started pouring in. His approach is strobist; colors need to pop out of his images even if some are in black and white. Light is his best friend; he loves working creatively with flashes and strobes. He wants his clients to remember how they felt when their photos were taken. He sees a lot of his images pop up on social media whenever there are other special occasions such as birthdays, Mother’s/Father’s Day, etc. He is sure that his clients use these photos because it reminds them of a happy thought or feeling. He tries to do more outdoor shoots because nature is always a great backdrop where one feels the sense of being at one with what is natural and as a couple with each other. “Doing wedding photography is a privilege of touching hearts and capturing that special moment for two souls. I am always grateful to my couples for choosing me to work with them,” says Alex. Going the extra mile – like chatting with couples, helping with their other suppliers, makes Alex more memorable to his couples; “you also learn from your couples, learning never ends,” he says.



One thing he learned along the way is that technology is also a great tool to advance yourself or be at par with your competition. Alex uses Panasonic Lumix GH5, G85, Leica lenses, Strobe Lighting is a must) and Spyder5ELITE to calibrate his monitor because color is very important to his workflow, it gives life to the image and speaks for his brand of photography which is making couples happy.




It was that old dusty film camera inside the garage that sparked a desire to learn more about photography says Alex. After taking up photography courses at the New York Institute of Photography, he did freelance work and after six years decided to go back to the Philippines.  He was accepted for apprenticeship at ImageNation Photography, he rose from being a junior photographer to senior and now as a master photographer.  Aside from photography he also dabbles in events management, workshops, seminars and marketing consultancy. He was responsible for the growth of several imaging brands in the Philippines from a camera brand, camera support and accessories brands, bag brand up to lighting and studio equipment. He is currently a brand ambassador for Panasonic Lumix.