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Bio:  La photographe Missy Mayo, basée à Dallas, est connue pour son travail de portrait et ses images joyeuses et authentiques de familles, d’enfants et de personnes âgées. Si vous la cherchez, vous la trouverez probablement en train de se moquer de M. Mayo (son charmant mari), de jouer au football avec son fils ou de se déguiser avec sa fille. Grâce à l’énergie que lui donne son café du matin (et parfois son goûter de l’après-midi…), elle passe le plus clair de son temps jouer avec sa famille, à travailler sur sa prochaine création Pinterest, à se plonger dans son Kindle, à préparer une soirée entre filles ou à capturer d’extraordinaires souvenirs de famille derrière son objectif.


Le travail de Missy est caractérisé par ses couleurs vives et ses lumières ensoleillées et par un mélange unique d’émotions et de paysages à couper le souffle. Ancienne pédagogue, elle est passionnée par la connexion avec les enfants, qui lui permet de capturer leurs rires, leurs émotions et les grandes étapes de leurs vies. Missy a été nommée parmi les 10 meilleurs photographes de Dallas/Fort Worth en 2015, 2016 et 2017, et est fière de proposer à ses clients une expérience unique et des images de qualité magazine.



How did you get your start in photography?

It seems like I was born with a camera around my neck! Growing up, I was the self-appointed family

historian and was always taking pictures and documenting our life through scrapbooking. After

starting my own family, I fell back in love with photography and in 2014 started my family

photography business here in Dallas.


What type of photography are you shooting and what motivated you to focus on that genre?

I focus on photographing families and children, although I also enjoy working with high school seniors

as well. Drawing on my own love for a child’s world, I use playfulness, creativity, and interactions to

enhance family connection and capture images that make others smile and feel joyful.  In the last two years, I have also traveled across the country teaching at various photography conferences and workshops. I am passionate about mentoring other photographers and specialize in teaching Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, digital organization, and working with families for candid interactions. As a former elementary school teacher, combining my love of photography and education has been the icing on the cake!



Did you experience any challenges as a woman entering into the photography market?

I think it is easy for women photographers to fall into the “just a mom with a camera” label. I value

both my jobs as a mother and a photography business owner, and each has required me to develop

patience, an enormous work ethic, learn boundaries and priorities, and settle into accepting

challenges and “scary” things. I am very proud of being the best mother I can while creating a

successful business on my own. Women don’t give ourselves enough credit.


What has been your biggest achievement or obstacle along the way?

I don’t think any artist can claim a smooth road! I have had many fears along my photography

journey. From the first time I announced my photography business on Facebook to being flown to

another country by my clients, I have definitely not been a stranger to fear! But, I have learned to

actually cherish those unknowns – they are opportunities I would not have had to grow as a person.

As a mother, my family isn’t awarding me any prizes for making a healthy meal that everyone ate or

keeping the living room clean all week! But building a business here in Dallas has given me a great

many accomplishments, and sometimes failures too! Learning to not overbook and overcommit

myself has been one of my biggest lessons. I think I am actually still learning that lesson, ha!



Who and/or what inspires you most?

The great thing about working with children is that they are completely unpredictable! I may have a

vision in my head, but kids usually surprise me and do something that is even better than my idea. I

am always inspired by a child’s zest and curiosity for life.


What is your approach? Is there anything in particular you try to achieve during a shoot or are there any specific techniques you use?

Kids are always on the move and they are generally pretty happy when they are running, skipping,

dancing, etc. My “poses” typically involve asking kids to hop over a puddle, run as fast as they can,

squeeze their parent, etc. In the end, my goal is to create images that show joyfulness.


Why is accurate color important within your workflow?

Working with my camera is just one step of my photography process – I am also just as passionate

about editing in Lightroom and Photoshop. I love images that are characterized with bold yet

true-to-life color. This process starts with accurate white balance and screen calibration. Obtaining

accurate colors in my images has enabled me to stand out as a photographer.


Any tips or advice for photographers just beginning their career?

Make sure you are legal! Learn how to legally establish yourself as a business, pay taxes and sales tax,

and insure your business. The peace of mind for protecting yourself is worth every minute and penny!


Type de photographie: Famille, enfants, personnes âgées, portraits

Site web: www.missymayophotography.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/missymayophoto

Facebook: www.facebook.com/missymayophotography