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We received many impressive photos from dedicated photographers for our Datacolor photo contest, about travel and landscape photography that took place in Germany during summer 2017. Our jury had a hard time selecting the five winning images, as so many photos would have deserved to be awarded. In order to savor these wonderful images, we will present some of these pictures in our blog from time to time, introduce you to the photographer and tell the story behind the image.


Fabian Roßhirt PhotographyName: Fabian Roßhirt



2005 – 2017: School (university entrance diploma)

Since 2016: Hobby Landscape Photography

Since 2017: University-Studies in Würzburg, Germany


When did you start your photography?

It was a lucky coincidence. About two years ago, I asked for a DSLR for Christmas to take some photos during my vacation. Soon enough I started trying new things and got deeper into photography. I was keen to understand the camera, to know what ISO, aperture and shutter speed means, how they co-relate and how to create great landscape images. YouTube was of great help to me. After learning the basics, I went out to take pictures of great landscapes and this way I learned more and more, I just couldn’t stop. Since then, photography has been my passion and the camera is always with me.



Is photography your hobby or your profession?

First of all, photography is my hobby which helps me to relax. There’s nothing better than going into nature with my camera after a stressful day to capture a beautiful sunset. I also sell my images as prints and published two video tutorials on an education website called Udemy. I’m also working on publishing a calendar.


How and where was the image taken which you entered to the competition? Is there a story about it?

The image “Light in the Dusk”, which I submitted to the competition was taken in July 2017 at Cap Formentor. I planned for this image several months ahead. When a summer vacation to Mallorca was set, I started looking into interesting photo spots on social media and Google Maps. It became clear to me that I had to go to Cap Formentor. I knew I needed long time exposure to use the beautiful curved street and the lights of passing cars as leading lines to the lighthouse. I was lucky enough to come to this place with some friends. After positioning myself and the camera on a steep slope, my friends used our rental car to drive along the road, so the final image was perfect team work. I remember very clearly standing there to take the image. Shortly after sunset the light at the Cap was magical. I stood there for about two hours, pressed my remote shutter and watched the ever-changing light. This is when I knew that photography was exactly the right thing for me.


Who and/or what inspires you most?

I’m constantly looking for inspiration. I’m a member of several photo groups on Facebook as for me the exchange with other photographers is very important. This way I get to see several fascinating images every day and I’m also able to share my images and receive feedback. On Instagram and in photo magazines I’m always searching for new images that inspire me. I think this is important to become more creative and get new ideas.


What’s your photographic focus?

Although I have tried many different things, Landscape Photography fascinates me most. I want to show the beautiful places and moments we can experience on our planet, even close to our homes. I always try to convey my own feelings in these moments through the image. From time to time, I also take people or product images.


What’s your next photo project, your next challenge?

I’m currently working on a calendar of the area of Franken (Germany). I would like to capture the beauty of my home – vineyards as well as breathtaking buildings – and show it to others. I also focus on my YouTube channel and will publish new image editing tutorials.



Do you include color management in your photographic workflow?

Color is of great importance to me. As mentioned before, I want to transport the emotions I felt when taking the image. This is best expressed with colors. This is why my image editing workflow is set up to squeeze all color information from RAW files and sometimes create more color in the image. This can easily be done in Lightroom using split toning or local adjustments. Of course, I’m watching out not to over-saturate the image so they don’t look natural anymore. One just has to find the right dose.


What do you do with your photos; do you print them, post them on your social media accounts or your website or do they simply stay on your hard drive?

My images are published on my website, as well as on my Instagram and Facebook accounts during time. Selected images end up as canvas or acryl prints and decorate my apartment. I also sell several of my landscape images as prints in my online store.


What’s your photographic goal, what do you dream of?

My big dream is to see one of my landscape images published on the cover of a magazine and to receive an award like “Photographer of the Year”. Also, I would like to inspire others, to open their eyes for the beauty of our planet and to get more people excited about landscape photography. Once you get started you just can’t stop!


Website: https://photography.rosshirt.net

Instagram: https://ig.rosshirt.net

Facebook: https://fb.rosshirt.net

Twitter: https://tw.rosshirt.net

YouTube: https://yt.rosshirt.net