Meet Nina Mingioni – Fine Art Photographer

nina mingioni headshotNina Mingioni’s work is inspired by dramatic light and shadows, people’s faces and stories, lines and small details. Photography gives her the chance to live in the moment. While taking Nina away from the daily grind, it opens her eyes with the gorgeous light, detail, emotion, and beauty of all that surrounds her.


How did you get your start in photography?

Like many other women, I first started in photography because I wanted to take better photos of my children. The vast majority of my learning was (and still is) online, within a large and very talented community of women photographers at Click & Co. After much learning and trying out different genre, lifestyle and children photography is my least favorite, ironically.


What type of photography are you shooting and what motivated you to focus on that genre?

I have several favorite genres of photography. Macro photography has always been a favorite of mine – it is much like mindfulness, forcing me to be present in the moment as I see small details and light. My second favorite genre is women’s portraiture. All women are beautiful in their own way, but frequently do not see themselves as such. With photography, I can let them see their beauty. Finally, I love to travel and enjoy capturing unique features of the places I visit.


Did you experience any challenges as a woman entering into the photography market?

Fortunately, I got my start in a very supportive community of women photographers. As I discovered my style, I was well supported and received rich feedback along the way, which helped my growth. However, outside this community many perceive women in photography as “mom with a camera.” Over the years, I learned to brush those sentiments aside.


What has been your biggest achievement or obstacle along the way?

My biggest achievement is learning to trust my eye and my skills in making images that match my vision. My biggest obstacle has been – and remains – lack of time to edit all the images I shoot.


Who and/or what inspires you most?

I am inspired by light, lines, and classic compositions found spontaneously.


What is your approach? Is there anything in particular you try to achieve during a shoot (for example triggering certain feelings, etc.) or are there any specific techniques you use?

Since photography helps me find inner peace amid the chaos of my life, my images are usually calm and peaceful. Depending on the genre, I achieve this using different techniques, such as color, light, and composition.


Why is accurate color important within your workflow?

When I became a student of photography, it became obvious that accurate color is an absolute key to a successful image. My work is almost exclusively in color. I adore nuisances of each color, and can never give that up for the austerity of black and white. When I visualize and capture a scene, a specific appearance of colors is frequently what makes that image. It is incredibly important to me that my viewers are able to see those colors as intended, whether in print or digitally.


Any tips or advice for photographers just beginning their career?

Find a supportive group that will give you honest feedback – it is the only way to grow. Take feedback to heart, try many different things, and trust yourself.



Instagram: ninazm


Twitter: nzmphoto