Landscape Photography – a comprehensive workflow


Finally, someone did it! EIZO Germany came up with this brilliant idea of shooting a series of YouTube videos that illustrate a comprehensive workflow in landscape photography. They travelled to Lofoten in Norway at the best time of the year to show and tell what a perfect workflow is all about – on location, that means in a setting that leaves you absolutely speechless. Photographic training has never been more pleasant and entertaining than this.



Datacolor is proud to be one of many partners who took part in this project to support Christian Ohlig, photographer, Product Marketing Manager at EIZO and former teacher at the Technical University in Cologne, and Serdar Ugurlu, a photo trainer and tour operator, who knows Norway, and especially Lofoten, like the back of his hand.


These two professionals have it all covered: from choice of equipment, location planning, and the right exposure, to how to use filters and how to compose an image, how to calibrate a camera and a display, and how to profile a printer. They’re also experts on printing theory, fine art papers, as well as soft-proofing and how to use ICC profiles.



But have a look yourself: enjoy the beautiful Norwegian landscape and get interesting insights, lots of tips and tricks on the photographic workflow and the best is, it’s all available for free!


With over 500,000 views for the German only versions of these videos in no time, EIZO decided to launch more language versions with voice-overs, including English.


Here is what the 6 episodes are about:


Episode 1: Choosing the right equipment and arrival

Episode 2: Location planning using different apps

Episode 3: Histogram and usage of graduated and ND filters


Episode 4: Analyzing a location – how to turn an impressive landscape into a stunning image

Episode 5: Camera calibration, display technology, and display calibration

Episode 6: Printer profiling, ICC profiles, paper and printer settings, and final print


Each episode lasts between 7 and 15 minutes. Check them out: