Click’s 100 Best Photography Products of 2017 – Spyder5PRO

2017 Click Best Award

Spyder5PRO was voted one of Click’s Best Photography Products of 2017! Use it to calibrate all of your laptop and desktop displays to an industry color reference standard and determine optimal screen brightness, exposing the fine shadow details and highlights in your photos. You’re edited images will match your prints and you’ll save time and money during the process.


Here’s What Click Had to Say


Your editing time is precious, so you need a fast monitor calibration tool that’s also pinky-promise trustworthy. Elise couldn’t believe how simple and quickly she performed her first calibration. “Everything you need is in the box and ready to go,” she says. “In less than half an hour you can start editing!” Compatible with both laptop and desktop displays, the Spyder5PRO offers before-and-after comparisons and a room-light sensor to continually measure any changes in ambient lighting.



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