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How did you get your start in photography?
I have always been a very creative person who was fascinated by visual impressions of all kinds. During my studies in California I found my way to photography, mainly to capture the moments I experienced for family and friends at home. Gradually, however, this turned into my private passion and photography became an increasingly important part of my life. It inspired me to spend time outdoors and see everyday moments from a different perspective.

What type of photography are you shooting and what motivated you to focus on that genre?

My photography is largely focused on futuristic-looking architecture and remote urban environments. Urban environments also influence my street and lifestyle photography a great deal. I have always been fascinated by big cities – their energy and special architectural structures – you never know which exciting moment is waiting for you around the next corner! The seemingly endless opportunities to play with perspectives have a special attraction for me.


What has been your biggest achievement or obstacle along the way?

In terms of my career, there is actually no single greatest achievement for me, but rather many individual ones. The important thing is to set yourself realistic goals, which you also try to achieve within a certain time frame. So the road to success as a photographer is an incremental process in which you should not only find your own style, but also achieve your own personal goals.
I think one of the biggest obstacles for photographers nowadays is the artist’s block. We are bombarded with a multitude of photos on social media every day and at the same time, we only see other people’s successful careers, but don’t get insight into the defeats that occurred along the way. Therefore, it’s easy to feel that you are not good enough or that you are not making progress with your own work.

Who and/or what inspires you most?

There are so many things that inspire me. On the one hand, of course, there are foreign cultures of the countries I travel to, as well as special architectural buildings all over the world. I find the sense of community within the photographic scene is important for my creativity. Thanks to the internet, it has never been easier to meet photographers and other creative people from all over the world and collaborate.


What is your approach?

That always depends a lot on the actual project. To me personally, it is important to not only capture the obvious, but to show the unknown side of a city as well. To always go one step further than one would normally do, so to speak. Of course, this can take you to your personal limits and out of your comfort zone, but that’s what makes photography so appealing to me. You have to earn a unique photo and nothing comes close to the sweet feeling of success once you do it.

Why is accurate color important within your workflow?

Accurate color reproduction plays a very important role in my workflow, from the beginning of my creative process all the way to the final product. A correctly adjusted white balance in my camera at the time of shooting, for example, saves me from having to make tedious adjustments afterwards. But accurate colors also play a major role during post-production. Therefore, I calibrate my monitor on a regular basis. This way I can always be sure to maintain consistent quality throughout the creative process. Furthermore, I am very active in the field of printing. In order to make sure that the color authenticity does not deviate from the recording up to the finished print, I need personalized ICC profiles, which are exactly adjusted to my printer and the respective type of paper I use.


Any tips or advice for photographers just beginning their career?

As a beginner you should dare to try out all kinds of things and above all, make sure you have fun along the way. Many beginners compare themselves with other photographers way too early and thus not only put themselves under a lot of pressure, but also rob themselves of the opportunity to develop their own style early on. Expensive equipment also plays only a minor role in the beginning. Nowadays, we all own a smartphone with an extremely capable built-in camera. It doesn’t take too long to familiarize yourself with the basics of photography and the best thing is, you always have your camera with you.

Chris Martin Scholl calibrates his display with a SpyderX Elite.




About the Author – Chris Martin Scholl



Chris Martin Scholl is a professional photographer from Berlin, specializing in architecture and urban environments, and includes lifestyle photography in his work as well. His photography often conveys the feeling of the unknown and takes his viewers on a journey to places that are usually hidden from the public eye.


In recent years Chris has travelled to many international cities and has been able to build up an extensive portfolio of some of the most architecturally impressive locations on earth. His notable clients include Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Grand Hyatt, G-Technology, Master & Dynamic and VisitBerlin.


Chris is also the official brand ambassador of Canon Germany and Western Digital as well as a member of MOAB’s Masters Program.