Build a world in your eyes with a balance of nature and mankind

By Shawn Liu


Shawn Liu is an artist and designer who has focused on the relationship between nature and human. Embracing an environment of continuous creation and innovation, he loves to think, loves to create, and loves to challenge himself. He constantly ponders over the nature of life, the relationship between human and nature.


He comes from a background in architecture where he graduated from the Bartlett School of Architecture in London, UK with Distinction award. In 2016, Shawn established Shawn Liu Studio as a professional team of art and design fields. In the past 10 years, he has received numerous international art and design awards, such as the IPA award in the US, PX3 in France, TIFA in Japan, 1x photo Award in Sweden. His most recent technology art project was awarded by his hometown, Kaohsiung Fine Art Museum in Taiwan. His works have been well received and published in many different countries around the world. In addition, his team works closely with the most influential architects in Taiwan for projects such as Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum, Xiqu Center of Taiwan, Taiwan High-Speed Rail stations, and Beigang Cultural Center to name a few.


Mankind lives in a vast world that belongs to nature. That’s the reason we build and target to build an environment to live in. We are aimed to make friends with nature in harmony. Meanwhile, vision is a path that connects people in such a world, which i’m looking for and targeting to visualize, 
to communicate and to let people understand the beauty of such harmony.


Based on the discussion of the relationship between sensibility and rationality, this collection of works reflect the relationship between nature and man-made. Starting from my background of painting and architecture, the work reconstructs a balance between man and nature. The composition of the vision leaves the hint of human belonging in nature which could result in the possibility of imagination in a man-made environment, to find a story of nature in a calm rhythm, or to compose a melody between nature and mankind.


I started my creation from drawings since I was a kid.
 After I began my design journey, I learned to read the world through my lens and to create a balanced relationship between mankind and nature. These has become the challenge and the philosophy of all my works.
 Photography is not only a way to express myself but also a way for me to read and understand the world.


My language of photography concentrates on architecture and urban landscape, reflecting the background I have in art and design fields. Photography becomes a way I express the thoughts of people. And also a way to communicate and to receive the voice from others. 
I believe this is the fundamental purpose these artificial structures. My eyes are the tools to make it happen.


The limitation of an island inspired people from Taiwan to create carefully designed architectural infrastructures. You will be surprised how people develop new lifestyle here. This initial realization drove me to start a collection works called “Architecture in Taiwan” which focused on the urban landscapes we have on the island.
 Meanwhile, traveling is my motivation to create, to experience and read other different cultures, expand my sense of feeling. Photography is a way for me to input different thoughts and the fuel to generate new idea for my works.



As an artist, I choose technology art field as my next area to challenge.
 Based on the experience with visual art and design, I started a project called “The galaxy of thoughts”, a project which marries technology and art, while I try to expand my creation of visual to next level. To simulate and generate a living form in the virtual world is the fundamental challenge I set. How to tell the difference between nature and manmade life? 
If our thoughts are simply like a living form which is combined with a huge amount of isolated thoughts, what will it look like? 
I believed that should be similar to a galaxy, an ultimate form of life.



The accuracy of color combination is a very important bridge pier in the digital generation.
 A new generation of artist can’t avoid working within the digital world. 
Meanwhile, materialization is the simplest way for an artist to communicate. To bridge reality and virtual world will rely on precise color management, no matter in design or art field.