B&H OPTIC 2017: Extravaganza for outdoor photographers

By David Cardinal
Logo (1)B&H’s annual, completely-free, OPTIC conference held in New York City was bigger than ever this year. Once again Datacolor was also a key sponsor, with a prominent booth and sponsored sessions. Also returning to the show were all the major camera companies, making it a great place for photographers of all skill levels and interests to go hands on with cameras and lenses while having access to tech reps from the companies to answer questions.


Nikon, Canon, Sony, and many other camera vendors brought their entire product lines for attendees to experience and ask questions about

Plenty of accessory vendors were also there, and DJI was showing off its drones – ranging from the tiny Spark that they were flying in their booth to the $70K DJI+Hasselblad combination. Talks were plentiful, with the attendees getting to hear life lessons from Art Wolfe, amazing tales from Lindblad’s Ralph Lee Hopkins, and others. Of particular interest, Datacolor sponsored Eric Kruszewski’s excellent talk on how he became a travel photographer and the techniques he uses to connect with and communicate about cultures around the world.



Eric speaking to an attentive crowd enthusiastic about his travel photography adventures

Mastering ColorI was also fortunate enough to be sponsored by Datacolor to present hands-on workflow sessions on color management for outdoor photographers. We covered the basics of color management, some specific tips for use in travel and nature, and then guidelines for troubleshooting problems with reproducing color in your photography. Finally, we showed how easy it is to calibrate your monitor with a Datacolor Spyder by calibrating and profiling the big screen TV we were using to show the presentation.
As we promised attendees, my slides – chock full of both tips and resource links – are now online and available for your personal use.
If you missed the conference and the live stream, don’t worry. B&H is putting many of the talks online for you to watch at your convenience, via the OPTIC 2017 website. In its third year, OPTIC has continued to grow, and we’re all looking forward to see how it unfolds for 2018.