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Elena Kamperi


Elena Kamperi is not only an incredible model, but for me impersonated femininity. This shoot was one of the first for our joint coffee table book. It took place in my studio in Berlin, which I gave up shortly after, in order to be at home in the world.


Creating an attractive and sensitive atmosphere is always the key to such images. That’s why I make sure to adjust the light in advance and have everything prepared the day before, so that I can really focus on the model.


  • The beginning of a series of pictures for a coffee table book, which would be a project lasting several months: cannot be put into words
  • Reviewing of images and sorting: about 2 days
  • Preparation of each shoot: at least 1 hour before everyone else arrives




Leonie Jung


I love to work with friends. Leonie Jung is not only a talented and successful producer, but also a beautiful woman. In Cape Town you always have incredible light, but you should always know where the wind is coming from. We really had to work with the wind for this shooting.


As a light source, I only had the sun and as a reflector I just used the large sandy areas. That’s why I like to put myself on the edge of shadow areas, so that the eyes shine beautifully.


  • Travel planning for Cape Town and the rest of my trip to South Africa: 9 months before departure
  • Organization of models and location scouting: the most time-consuming task of a production
  • Time for the shooting itself: 4-5 hours
  • Schedule a lot of time to be wasted because of “hair problems” (50% of the time)




A shoot in the bushes


For my Photoshop video training I needed material that I created in Cape Town. Once a year (during the European winter), the world’s entire photography and model scene meets there. This is a great way to get to know international models and creative minds. With a simple soft box and the Profoto B10, you can get brilliant light even in the bushes.


The main task to create a basis for such an image editing is to capture the skin perfectly in mid tones. That way, the glow stands out much more!


  • Total time for the implementation of the video training: approx. 300 hours
  • Processing time for one picture: between 2 and 120 minutes
  • Required number of shootings for the video training: 5




About the Author – Felix Rachor


Felix Rachor is a photographer and photo artist with all his heart and soul.


His life revolves around photography, as you can see in his Instagram stories and videos. Of course, his passion is also reflected in his photos, which are mainly from the genres of fashion, beauty and portrait photography.


Important customers like JOOP !, Labello and SonyBMG trust the Berlin-based photographer. Although some magazine covers show his work, "everyone should make up her or his own mind about creativity," the artist says. His website could be a starting point.


Instagram: @felixrachor


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