Apratim Saha – Friends with Vision

Personal Bio: Apratim Saha started photography at the age of twelve inspired by his father. He feels capturing images that are enjoyable and impressed others are not the only reasons which inspired him to take up photography seriously. His main intention is to give people a reason to care for the things he shown in his images.


Apratim is a contributing photographer of National Geographic, Getty Images and Stocksy United. Besides being a member of Datacolor’s Friends with Vision, he is also the Brand Ambassador and Mentor for many reputable photography brands.


He has over 30 years of experience, from traditional film to digital photography. He is a commercial photographer specializing in people photography, portraiture, lifestyle & editorial clients. Besides commercial works, Apratim also shoots other subjects that stimulate his visual or emotional sensibilities.



Some notable experiences:


  • Stock photographer for National Geographic, Getty Image and Stocksy United.
  • Mentor and Brand Ambassador for Datacolor, Canon, Tamron Lenses, Nisi, Godox, Vanguard and Blackrapid for India.
  • Published work in National Geographic, The Postinternazionale, We Photo, Life Force Magazine, International Street Photography Magazine and ViewFind platform.
  • Professional photographer of Loculars International platform for India.
  • Photo Exhibition at Camden Centre, London in 2016.
  • Featured in Asian Photography as a “Pro Photographer”, 121clicks.com, Dark Room at ATN News.
  • His work has been published in many magazines in prints as well as at websites from India and around the world.
  • He is conducting Photography Workshops and Photo Tours all around India and many other countries like Morocco, Cuba, Iceland, Bangladesh, Nepal.
  • Consultant of Chiiz Photographic Magazine.
  • He has been the judge for many of the photographic competitions around the globe.
  • He also gives mentorship to a lot of national and international students.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/apratimsaha / https://www.facebook.com/ApratimSahaPhotography/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/apratimsahaphotography/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/apratimsaha/